What we're about.

The Manifesto

Fish Boss connects the fishing world with the passionate people above the water. There’s endless definitions of a fish boss.  Fish Boss is the legendary dream fish you’ve been chasing, the owner of a fishing company, a master seafood chef, a professional angler, or the young kid at heart discovering how to show the fish who’s boss. 

The Company

Fish Boss provides fishing experiences and products to professionals aiming to be their personal best.  

Starting with merchandise to remind the you of your goals, the catalog evolves as our tribe gets bigger and better together. We’ll be giving updates on how the business is growing periodically. 

Have a product in mind or want to help us test ours? 

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The logo

The Fish Boss logo is a dorsal fin. Used for stability in the wild, it’s a symbol to keep the course when life becomes unbalanced.

The fin features eight spines, eight is the infinity number. The fish have been here since the beginning and we want the world to have this connection forever. 

The shape of the fin resembles the small wins as a beginner and gradually getting better as each challenge rises until you reach your peak mastery and it’s all downstream from there.


The arrow at the base of the logo points from F to S in Fish Boss, symbolizing the journey from going from a failure to success. It’s an encouragement to keep moving forward.

The sunrise gold color is a reminder to treat nature like a precious resource. 

The Vision

The fishing industry has a lot of holes. It’s taken over by greedy business practices not in favor of either the fish or the angler first. We want to change that. With your support, we will make the world a better place to fish by treating our natural resources like gold. Our goal is to reshape the entire value chain around fish, fishing, and our waters.

The Mission

We are leading the next generation of anglers and entrepreneurs. Our aim is for people to be at their personal best in all aspects of life. From helping you catch that bucket list fish, to getting that promotion, starting the new business, or strengthening the relationships with the people around you. It’s important to show that anything is possible so we are beginning the business with the minimal resources we have and growing from ground up. 

The Mottos

We have multiple mottos

“Be your personal best.” 

There will always be a bigger fish in the water. When you compare yourself to others, you lose stability. Look inside and make yourself the best version possible.

“Put your head down and fish.” 

Remind yourself to keep moving forward, focus on what’s important, and don’t let distractions move you. 

“Fish or get fished.” 

The survival instinct. Take a deep look around and see if you’re the one on the line. You are the boss of your life, take charge and fish. 

The Founder

RJ Macalanda is the founder of fish boss. 

His roots come from a long line of fishermen in the Philippines who provided both food and a source of livelihood for the entire village. 


Born with the traits of a fish boss, he pursued business like a fisherman where he helped make multiple 8 figures for companies as a marketer.


 In fishing, he has competed in national bass tournaments, caught 30+ fish species around the world, and learned how people fish globally. 


 Traveling the world for over 5 years, he saw the need to change the fishing industry for the next generation. 

Fish Boss is his legacy. 

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